Suntender Valuations, Inc. offers dependable, precise property valuation services to homeowners in the San Jose area.

Whether you are considering putting your house on the market, or are simply curious as to your property’s value, you can entrust our many years of experience with this important decision.

A home is the single greatest investment most of us will ever make. It is your right and prerogative as a homeowner to measure the value contained within your property.

This holds particularly true if you’ve recently completed property renovations or additions, which may have significantly altered the value of your property.

A professional valuation from Suntender Valuations, Inc. will inform you, give you peace of mind, and provide you with an idea of what your home is worth. If and when you decide to sell, you’ll know exactly what to expect from its value.

Valuations are also highly useful for lenders. If you are taking out a loan, it is likely that your property assets will be used as security or collateral.

If you are a property owner, it is always in your best interest to receive a professional, unbiased home valuation.

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Professional Home Valuation Services

With years of expertise and experience in the property valuation field, Suntender Valuations, Inc. is San Jose’s best choice for an accurate home valuation.

We provide our services to single family homes, multi-family homes, condos, vacant land, and other properties.

Adhering to a meticulous list of qualities to verify, we will provide you with an exact monetary market value for your property.

If you have owned your home for quite some time, it is likely that property values have changed significantly in your area. Your valuation will be a highly useful tool in planning your family’s future.

With Suntender Valuations, Inc., you can be sure of being in good hands. Allow us to shed some light on your home and its value today!  


Home Valuation vs. Market Appraisal

Formal valuation and market appraisal are terms that frequently get used interchangeably; however, there are key differences between the two.

A market appraisal, generally done by a real estate agent, is an informal, approximate estimate of your property’s worth. Rather than focusing on the details of your property, it is usually generated relative to recent sales data in your area and local knowledge.

A formal valuation can only be performed by a professional valuer with no stake in the property. It requires a complete inspection of the property, including the home.

The result is the exact value of the property in that given moment.

A home valuation is valid for a period of three months.


Home Valuation Process

When your Suntender Valuations, Inc. professional valuer arrives at your property, they will have a checklist of things to verify and notate.

We will conduct a full external and internal inspection, including taking pictures, and will likely ask you questions about your property.

We will assess the shape, size, type, and topography of your land: zoning and developing potential will also be evaluated.

Specific to your home, we will measure the size of the building(s) and take note of the number/type of rooms. We will also determine the property’s age and condition, fixtures, layout, design, and any other information that may be distinctive to your property.

Based on these criteria, Suntender Valuations, Inc. will draft a precise value of your property.