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Appraisal Type
1004 Single Family URAR
1004 Single Family FHA
1004C Manufactured Home
1004D: Appraisal Update and/or Final Inspection Report
1025 Multi-Family
1073 Condominium
1075 Exterior Condominium
2055 Exterior Single Family
2070 Inspection
2075 Exterior
2090 Cooperative Interest
2095 Exterior Cooperative Interest
Fannie Mae Value Acceptance + Property Data
Freddie Mac ACE + PDR
Appraisal Type
Income Statement and Rent Schedule
2000 Single Family Field Review (Standard)
2000 Single Family Field Review (Enhanced)
2000A Multi-Family Field Review (Standard)
2000A Multi-Family Field Review (Enhanced)
Desk Review (Standard)
Desk Review (Enhanced)
Catastrophic Disaster Area Property Inspection Report
Draw Inspection
Employee Relocation (ERC)
Real Estate Owned (REO)
Vacant Land

A real estate appraisal is key to many scenarios and it allows you to get a clear understanding of the value of your real estate.

Regardless of the situation if buying, selling, or refinancing, an unbiased appraisal allows you the foundation to make decisions on next steps in your financial journey.

Below we provide the twenty-eight most common scenarios where an Appraisal can assist you. Please contact us to be of service and provide you a FREE quote on turn time and fee.

  1. Buying a Home
  2. Selling a Home
  3. Refinancing Your Mortgage
  4. Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit
  5. Estate Planning
  6. Estate Taxes
  7. Probate Proceedings
  8. Divorce Settlement
  9. Investment Analysis
  10. Dispute Resolution
  11. Bail Bonds
  12. Bankruptcy
  13. Donating Real Estate to a Non-Profit
  14. Property Tax Appeals
  15. Renovating a Home
  16. Government Acquisition of Private Property
  17. Rezoning Applications
  18. Converting a Property to a Condominium or Cooperative
  19. Pre-foreclosure or Short Sale
  20. Litigation Support
  21. Government Audits
  22. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Removal
  23. Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
  24. Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties
  25. Fractional Ownership Arrangements
  26. Portfolio Management
  27. Retirement Planning
  28. Financial Applications

Suntender Valuations was founded on providing excellent appraisal reporting based on honesty and integrity with the highest professionals in the area.

In house office staff boasts over 20+ years of appraisal experience along with vast knowledge of repair costs and real estate management to help evaluate reporting.

The office is located at 5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd, Suite 325, Pleasanton, CA 94588 across from Stoneridge Mall. The office is conveniently located off Freeway 580 and 680. Feel free to visit and meet your #1 AMC.

We pride ourselves on great customer service with fast accurate reporting.


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